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    Pitching is a skill that can humble gifted athletes and the turn seemingly less athletic players into superstars. Why is this? One simple answer is “mental stamina”. Dennis Long’s Pitching Easy approach enhances mental stamina by simplifying the game with easy to understand conversation. Pitchers learn with little stress and positive reinforcement.

Off Season 2018-2019

The #1 Question each Off-Season:

“Do I shut it down for a few months or do I keep throwing so I can be better next year?”


“Be smart about it” is the best answer.    For some pitchers it is good to take time away from throwing.  Those who have had a personal high in innings pitched or pitches thrown and have remained physically sound are wise to rest the arm and clear the mind from the rigors of a disciplined routine.

But for many it isn’t a bad idea to play some catch during “down time”.  Significant pitching gains can come from purposeful short flat ground throws during the off season.  As a matter of fact, for those who are dedicated to working out in a proper strength training program,  I would recommend a small amount of throwing following each workout to keep the small muscles in the shoulder, arm, hand, and fingers supple and coordinated.  Tightness is the enemy of velocity.  The new Pitching Easy Arm Action Trainer is a great tool to train the arm to stay healthy and can be used as a supplement to throwing.   Email here to find out more!

If you are coming off arm soreness or something more serious it is important to figure out why!!!  Any “tweak” or “strain” is a sign that mechanics may be off.  Take responsibility to find the source of the mechanical flaw and begin to correct and repeat, and repeat, and repeat.  Throw into a net fifteen feet away.  Throw off of one knee.  There are many ways to improve and stay rested!

For those who are concerned about overdoing it I like to use the marathon runner analogy.  Even a runner jogs a mile on an off day.  Think of your pitching season as a series of marathons, it is a mental and physical grind that involves many hours of repetitive movements.  Runners need to find the correct gait to eliminate knee and back pain much like pitchers need to perfect their form and eliminate arm pain.

A pitcher can throw lightly on an off day.  Ten tosses to a buddy, a net, or off a wall a few times a week in the winter may keep mechanics on point.

The off season is a stress-free time to correct poor arm action and shoddy mechanics.   If you are serious about your pitching future don’t let a winter go by without correcting what needs to be corrected.  Get quality work, ask meaningful questions, and be patient with the learning process.

Do not be afraid to maximize your “down time” if you want to stay injury free.  It could make next season your best ever.


Announcing: Pitchers Fitness Classes

At the DBI/Pitching Easy Baseball Center

800 Flanders Rd., Mystic, CT

Two Classes Per Week (Wednesdays and Sundays 8:30pm-9:15pm*)

8:45pm to 9:30pm


This workout is about YOU being YOUR BEST, getting in GREAT SHAPE and finding the best plan to PITCHING SUCCESS!  It is Pitching Easy and Pitching Effective!


 Classes consist of NON-STOP BASEBALL WORK




No Excuses Be Your Best Pitcher Ever!  Stay Focused on YOU!


CLASS COST $30 per single session

 1 MONTH PKG – 8 SESSIONS – $160)


Go to www.pitchingeasy.com , click on “pitching lessons” link to register

*days and times are subject to change

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Baseball lessons and skills for pitchers in 2018.

“The sooner a pitcher realizes his mistakes, the sooner he will be able to correct them.” – Dennis Long

Gain The Confidence To Perform Under Pressure!

Improved Control

The Pitching Easy program allows for better control over your game, and over your pitches. Working with Dennis will get you more accuracy in the strike zone- every time you throw.

Increased Velocity

Skill work with Dennis will not only let you gain more control, but result in more velocity to your pitches. A wider range in speed and motion creates more success for your game.

Master The Mental Game

Skills are paramount, but so is your mental game. Mastering your mind let’s you master your level of play- achieving the ultimate success for any athletic event.

In-Game Adjustments

Part of succeeding with Dennis’ Pitching Easy program is to be able to make “on the fly” adjustments yourself. Hard work now creates results during the game.

Depth of Knowledge

Through years of hard work and professional playing, Dennis has developed an unprecedented depth of knowledge that he is now sharing with other athletes.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Dennis has a proven success rate with athletes, both aspiring and professional. If you aren’t satisfied with your results, Dennis is willing to discuss your money back!

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