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    Pitching is a skill that can humble gifted athletes and the turn seemingly less athletic players into superstars. Why is this? One simple answer is “mental stamina”. Dennis Long’s Pitching Easy approach enhances mental stamina by simplifying the game with easy to understand conversation. Pitchers learn with little stress and positive reinforcement.

August 6, 2019

Fall Ball Packages – Buy 5 Lessons get 2 Free!

  • 30 Minute “Tuneup” Sessions or 60 Minute “Strength and Skills” workouts!
  • PREPARE for 2020!  Fall is the time to begin the journey!
  • Sharpen mechanics, master all pitches!
  • Pitching Specific strength and flexibility work.
  • Click on “Pitching Lessons” to sign up today!


 Stay Healthy, throw harder. Keep your strength up and mechanics clean with the Pitchstick.  

I am proud to have helped develop this easy to use tool that will enhance pitching workouts NO MATTER WHAT YOUR PREFERRED REGIMEN IS!  Pitchstick is the perfect compliment to a pitchers routine. I beleive in this training tool so much that I have made this offer:

Each Pitchstick purchase comes with a Complimentary Lesson/Workout 

Lessons can in person or video and will demonstrate to you the many ways the Pitchstick will make you a better, healthier thrower!

Sticks come in different lengths, weights and styles, depending on your need for strength, mechanics work, or specific pitch work.  Follow @pitchingeasy on Intagram to see the stick in various uses!

Please email with questions or go to the shop page ( type “pitchstick” in the search box)  to purchase your Pitchstick.  

Fall 2019 is a fantastic start for YOU to be great in 2020!







Don’t stop your routine once the season begins!

Pitching Lessons are available now!  Reserve and schedule your spot soon!


PITCHING EASY is about YOU being YOUR BEST, getting in GREAT SHAPE and finding the best plan to PITCHING SUCCESS!  It is Pitching Easy and Pitching Effective!



5 Lesson Pack of Standard Lessons – $225 

10 Lesson Pack of Standard Pitching Lessons – $400

Click on “pitching lessons” link for more packages and programs!

*days and times are subject to change




Baseball lessons and skills for pitchers in 2018.

“The sooner a pitcher realizes his mistakes, the sooner he will be able to correct them.” – Dennis Long

Gain The Confidence To Perform Under Pressure!

Improved Control

The Pitching Easy program allows for better control over your game, and over your pitches. Working with Dennis will get you more accuracy in the strike zone- every time you throw.

Increased Velocity

Skill work with Dennis will not only let you gain more control, but result in more velocity to your pitches. A wider range in speed and motion creates more success for your game.

Master The Mental Game

Skills are paramount, but so is your mental game. Mastering your mind let’s you master your level of play- achieving the ultimate success for any athletic event.

In-Game Adjustments

Part of succeeding with Dennis’ Pitching Easy program is to be able to make “on the fly” adjustments yourself. Hard work now creates results during the game.

Depth of Knowledge

Through years of hard work and professional playing, Dennis has developed an unprecedented depth of knowledge that he is now sharing with other athletes.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Dennis has a proven success rate with athletes, both aspiring and professional. If you aren’t satisfied with your results, Dennis is willing to discuss your money back!

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