Baseball pitchers leg exercise.

Fitness for Pitchers and Parents

I’ve been doing this pitching lesson business for over 30 years and it is safe to say I have learned as much about teaching talking with parents and kids as they have learned about life and baseball from me. Training the complete pitcher requires diligence and patience. Advising parents often takes more of each. The… Read More »

Thick and Quick

The radar gun can be so intimidating, can’t it? How many stories have we heard (I know I have) about pitchers distracted by scouts and college coaches with their lawn chairs, clipboards, and of course the ever present carrying case for the radar gun? Its enough to make a kid throw five straight into the… Read More »

Elite vs. Average

    This is the “busy season”  at DBI – my favorite time of year.  I love to talk to players and parents about how the season went and what they want to work on in the off season. Young athletes go through stages of physical and mental growth over the course of a season.… Read More »

How Do You Keep Players Playing?

Players have many options when it comes to playing baseball.  There are town teams, travel teams, and “elite” showcase teams from which to choose.  As coaches it is important to understand that kids are curious and parents, who are trying to find the best for their child, are apt to make a switch from a… Read More »

Are Videos Important to Your Recruiting?

Recruiting is not an exact science.  I’m sure if you could interview most college coaches they will each have a story of the kid “that got away” or “they completely missed on.”  It is not something for the weak minded or feint of heart, this recruiting thing.  The people with the most energy, persistence, and… Read More »