Are Videos Important to Your Recruiting?

Recruiting is not an exact science.  I’m sure if you could interview most college coaches they will each have a story of the kid “that got away” or “they completely missed on.”  It is not something for the weak minded or feint of heart, this recruiting thing.  The people with the most energy, persistence, and… Read More »

Lessons From Many Trips to the Mound

Velocity, power, speed, strength. Those are words that pitcher’s would love to hear in a description of their pitching skills. Obviously we all want to blow a fastball by a hitter at will and when we do it is an empowering feeling. Velocity, power, speed, strength. Those are words that HITTERS also love to hear… Read More »

No Deadlines To Greatness

  Parents have asked me many questions over the years regarding the struggles of their sons or daughters in an effort to gain solace about sports and its effect on their child. They ask if it is the coach, umpire, fielders, or something else blocking the path to athletic success. Some conversations are more intense… Read More »

Getting Prepared for Next Spring

We live in a completely different world of youth sports than decades ago. I am probably older than most parents who will be reading this so if you parents talk to your own mom or dad you will find that the baby boomer generation played the sport of the season – period. If a football… Read More »

The National Anthem and Respecting People

The playing of the National Anthem has been possibly my favorite part of any baseball game I have ever been associated with. From the earliest days in Little League when the local school band would do their special rendition on opening day to my current position with my summer collegiate baseball players, the Anthem has… Read More »

How to Throw a Good Curveball

Since this is primarily a pitching website it is time to talk about some pitching skills…Most kids (and parents)ask about throwing harder number one. And there are many good videos and websites from very good instructors who offer up drills and techniques for us all to put to the trial and error process. When it… Read More »

Not All Travel Teams are Alike…

My experience in working and counseling players and families in the way of youth sports has made one fact clear – I do not claim nor do I wish to tell parents how to handle their children. I have learned that there are often home circumstances that greatly influence the decisions of families when it… Read More »