What is Personal Pitching Power?

Everyone is unique in their approach to sports and as coaches we must identify the special qualities of individuals. Pitching instruction is what I have dedicated myself to for over three decades and I continue to search for more effective ways to help young pitchers understand baseball and what it truly takes to be great.… Read More »

The Gifts of Pitching and Chess

For years children have enjoyed the wonderful feeling of throwing; whether it is in the middle of a snowball fight in winter, skimming rocks on the water, throwing fallen apples off the tree, or playing catch with a friend.   Let’s face it – it is fun to throw and hit something you are aiming… Read More »

Summer Ball 2017

Where does the summer go?  Baseball parents are still hoping to get some family vacation time in before school starts.  August is a great month to reflect, relax, and re-energize body and mind.   Baseball is full of experiences – learning experiences – and the immediate post season is a time to appreciate what we… Read More »