Parents are the real “life coaches” of our children.  It is important to let our children know that no matter what happens on the athletic field that they will have unconditional love and support at home.

Parents are invited to listen in on most all pitching lessons, clinics, and seminars.  It is not uncommon to have a “parents lesson” to take a “mental snapshot” of their children to help form a plan for short and long term improvement.  The main purpose here is to keep expectations in line along the developmental process.

Scenarios for discussion points include:

  • Little League tryouts
  • College Selection
  • Travel Team choices
  • Misunderstanding and Disagreement with Coaches
  • Difficulty Discussing Baseball at Home – Family Stress.

It is important to know that every young athlete has his own story to write.  Sometimes chapters need to be repeated, sometimes not.  A good instructor will act as the ‘proofreader’ making sure that no step is skipped on the way to the masterpiece.

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