Complete Pitching Power Program (60 minutes) – 8 Sessions




Winter 2018-19 pricing:  $640

With Dennis Long’s complete  Personal Pitching Power Program, you will learn important tips on arm care, pitcher-specific strength and conditioning programs, game management, and mental perseverance.  Take advantage of the power of individual instruction and gain strength, consistency, and confidence!

This is great option for those who feel they need to gain strength and also sharpen their pitching skills for next season.

Secure Your Goals and Secure a Spot in the Complete Pitcher Program!

*All lessons are 60 minutes and must be completed by June 1, 2019.. The Complete Pitcher Program is dedicated to preparing for the demands of the upcoming season

For further customizations and packages, please contact Dennis here.


This program is for athletes who want to get “baseball strong” and “baseball smart” – complete training of body and mind to be your best!

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